AI, Startups

At Causa, we believe that trust needs to be the backbone of technology. That’s why we’re committed to causal AI: an AI that’s not just advanced, but also transparent, trustworthy and accountable.

We all know the adage ‘correlation is not causation’ but standard AI treats the two as equals. This leads to misleading recommendations that erode trust in AI. Causal AI is smarter. It’s not just about predicting the future; it’s about shaping it responsibly and intelligently. Companies know the outcomes they want and only causal AI can be trusted to get them there.

We provide CausaDB, a cloud-native platform for CausalOps using causal AI. Build, Manage, and Deploy Causal AI in the Cloud. CausaDB is a fully-featured solution to manage your workflow end-to-end. It’s is designed to be integrated quickly and easily without expertise in all layers of the stack. No need to configure or manage your own servers. We handle all infrastructure on our cloud.